Aria: In those happy holiday times and also full of pressure, the mood is to evade, just for some days… Feeling better just for an instant, forgetting everything… But that’s not a reason to abuse good (and bad) things. ^^

On our side, this week to prepare Christmas seems oveeeeeercharged, and we have to prepare a lot of meal in advance to share with our family, things are looking tight/tense, I’m scarred! XD About this illustration, I loved to do it, I always dreamed of that sort of character, who do what she wants when she wants, self-confident… who drinks a lot and fully assume all she does. 😀 Seems like she has a lot to forget!

Layne: Is that a character which will make me have to find her a place in a Comic? Seems like it, since what Aria whispered me while I was writing. I guess this character will appear in a future comic. But well, for now we’ll still give all our time to Ré-Incarnat°. Which means you’ll have to wait a lot before seeing the next comic. Except if we decided to rotate between two comics later, who knows? That makes a lot of repeat of the word “comic” in this text, but well that’s how it is!