Bookmark – October 2018


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Available until Midnight, October 31.

Hello readers!

There’s only some hours left to order Tipeee’s October rewards! And we finally reveal the Bookmark of this month! With all we had to do this month, we couldn’t take care of it earlier. ToT

Anyway, before everyone get offended that the wig of our beloved Full Croquette Alchemist, know that it’s normal! When she’s at home, she doesn’t aim to look classier to people’s eyes but only do alchemy for her belly!
What? Why did she put the cape so? Simply because it’s cold obviously! :p

Little reminder: The 250€ objective is once again achieve for this month, which mean 8 rewards to earn in Tipeee’s lottery. (Next goal adds 6 more rewards :D)

That’s it folks! We hope this bookmark will tempt you all! 😛