Bookmark – May 2023

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Hello readers!

Another month disappears without leaving a trace since on my side I’m in multiple recruitment process. Laynaria changes may be able to occur soon if planets aligns themselves for me! 😀 Also we have three months of tipeee rewards that are nearly ready to be sent (I only have to write the little messages in the back of Aria’s watercolours and everything will be good), it nearly was sent last week, but some watercolours weren’t good enough for Aria’s criteria who always want to offer you the best of her art!

Anyway, we hope you loved this month illustrations which revolves around Momo, with this little springy/summery touch :3 On my side, I’m a total fan of them (but it’s always like with Aria’s drawings anyway eheh).

That’s all I had to say for this month, recruitments process being long and with a lot of downtimes, there isn’t much to tell currently. But what’s sure is that we can’t wait for the situation to unlock itself, to let us create all the content we wants with our hearts lighter than currently.
On that note, have a nice week everyone!