Bookmark – April 2023

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Hey everyone!

This month didn’t have much content because we were lucky enough to be sick for two long weeks… And after getting back to our feet, I was just too focused on trying to find a job to let us move forward with a lot of things. You can’t imagine how many offers I had to look at to find some where my profile could interest to have at least some chances to obtain a Developer job!

I actually have a technical test to do this week-end, cross your fingers for me for it to work out. If I get a job soon, we’ll be able to make a lot of things progress in one, two or three months because a lot of our delays will be able to be addressed once we’ll have move into a new apartment thanks to the optical fiber, and once we’ll have more money, we’ll also feel a bit more at ease to order all the months that we’ll still have to order. Talking about that: May, June and July were ordered and are starting to get delivered little by little. :3 Watercolors for those months are already done (except for signatures / little words). Once everything is ready we’ll let you know about the shipping time as always ^^

On that note, I’ll stop here for this long text which will most likely not be read by anyone 😀
Have a nice evening everyone!