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Hey everyone!

What a good idea I had to get sick just at the end of the month, when we have to share our monthly illustrations? 😀 I’m slightly better today, so I’m taking that opportunity to write this article to finally be able to share this article!

I was also pretty stressed these lasts weeks, because my certification dates were supposed to be early may… Which was not much time to prepare everything I needed. But finally that was an error, and my certification will be in November! Which gives me all the necessary time to become a better coder and to prepare a fine tuned project! 😀 It also gives me the opportunity to search a job again like I wanted, which will offer us to be able to redo more things for Laynaria, even if on my side I’ll have a bit less time for it of course. (But not Aria which will have all the time needed :D)

Moreover we continue to prepare some little things for Laynaria, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to show much before a long time. We want everything to be ready for that! :3

On that note, have a nice day everyone!