Bookmark – February 2023

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Heya readers!

While we were ready to share some content last week, I finally had a computer issue 😀 Having to wait for a spare part we ordered, that issue that was mainly giving me headaches making me unable to work on ANYTHING \o/ I finally gave up and tried to rest without much success 😀

But here we finally are, and I have a lot of things to do around searching a company, preparing my certification, … since my training is now done, and I also have multiple contents to release and think about. As you may have seen, Aria started to stream again, but I may want to stream myself on my side once per week or maybe less. I was thinking of streaming some web development, have to see if it can be interesting or not. Else something else not sure what I could do. (Knowing that we have some little ideas of tiny websites which could be around our contents, like a little presentation site for Ré-Incarnat°, who knows…)

That’s all for me, I hope you’ll all have a good day, and sorry for this late release for our monthly illustrations (special thanks to Mr Computer)! 😀