Bookmark – January 2023

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Hello readers!

Tomorrow I’m starting the last two weeks of training which gave me the opportunity to reconvert myself into the web-dev world. Of course next will be to find a job on top of that. But it should be far more relaxing and even once I’ll have a job it should remain like that. Of course Aria is continuing to produce content on her side, which you couldn’t see since the last weeks were pretty rude for me.

For example, I participated in a hackathon, in which my team and I won the first price of our cluster. Even if we didn’t win the finale after that, we’re still really satisfied of our project that we coded in two days! 😀 I even had to present this project in English during that finale, which wasn’t that easy knowing hundreds of people were hearing/watching us.

Other than that, this week should be the harder one of the two remaining, and I hope to get you Laynaria’s content back as fast as possible! We’ll also order more prints which are waiting to be sent soon :3

Have a nice evening everyone!