Bookmark – December 2022

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Good morning everyone!

Do you remember when I said I would have some time during holidays to work on Laynaria and share some content? Well NOPE 😀 Between the festivities and some rest days I granted myself, here I am starting back to code to upgrade my portfolio and to also start learning another language which may help me to get a job, internship or apprenticeship really soon.

So, don’t listen to Aria when she says it’s her fault, I’m most likely even more at fault than her! But well I only have one month and a half of training remaining! 😀 Some weeks will be harder than other to free up some of my time but I’ll do my best as always. And after that whatever career path I choose, I shouldn’t have to work in evening most of the time 🙂 Which will offer me more time after work to choose between working on Laynaria or resting :3

Also, we’re back to thinking and planning some things for 2023. We won’t say more for now, since we’re not totally sure at the moment. But one of our major issue (not having fiber) should get resolved thanks to my professional reconversion since we’ll move out as soon as possible! Just that should make us earn some time for some tasks and should open up a lot of possibilities at the same time 😀

On that note, have a good New Year’s Eve!