Bookmark – November 2022

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Hello readers!

We hope that you’re fine! On my side I’m going crazy, because I have some content to release for Laynaria, but the training is so intense that I couldn’t find time. We finished our project 2 of which we’re proud and which may become an app on mobile stores in the near future 😀

We participated to a Hackathon without dying and that’s not an easy feat. A part of the tasks that where draining me a lot of time on parallel of the training are now done, which means I should get a bit more time to share contents in the next weeks, maybe…  The best should be during the week of holiday I have for Christmas.

We’ll see how all of that will evolve, but at least I’m blessed to see my little Moïra again! And we hope that you too!

For now, have a great week! 😉