Bookmark – September 2022

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Hello everybody!

Our content are getting released waaaaaaaaaaay too spaced apart from what we wanted to normally do! In addition there are multiple which are technically ready and are just waiting for their articles! Buuuuuuuuuuuut… My training is taking me a hug amount of time and I still had to lend some hands last week-end for some last things to move out for my relatives moving. And so we’re ending up with an Aria which is producing more and more contents! And me who isn’t releasing them :’(

But since I’m gonna get back an equivalent of one day on my week-ends, it should get better now! 😀
On a good note, my training is really great and the whole team (be it instructors or students) are super cool. We already have the first big project to do these days and it’s not easy with the mountain of work we have but we’re hanging on!

We’ll let you know in the next articles about everything that is around rewards etc.
Have a good evening everyone!