Bookmark – August 2022

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Hey readers! :3

Some changes are coming to Laynaria, with the introduction of our 3D category, which is for now empty because we have to think about our monthly illustration tipeee first! The first contents of this category should be arriving soon, but the later may take more times because those are more time-consuming projects for Aria.

On my side, I’m getting closer and closer to the debut of my web-dev training, which stresses me a lot since there are some tasks I want to finish before the due date to prepare for it, while still doing my best to do work on everything Laynaria related.

I don’t have many tasks remaining for my preparations, and in some days I may have finished all of them, which will removes a bit of my stress, and will let me have more time to do things like updating our storenvy shop, or get back on schedule for some Tipeee related contents.

I also still have to help for a moving of someone next week, which will restrain my scope, but I’ll do my best!

We wish you all an happy end of month (with maybe one more content if I have time between now and the 31)! ^^