Aria: Hello everyone! A bit of simplicity doesn’t hurt sometimes, right? That’s why here comes a little illustration a bit different from the watercolour effect I do normally, but I like it that way 😀 Even if I forced myself to use “cell shading”, habits are hard to break… T_T I love the expression of this little OC a lot, for a long time I had a hard time to draw those sort of smiles, but this time it’s okay! \o/

Layne: A cute little OC that I love already <3 We have a good amount of content to show in the next weeks, but not enough time for me to share it easily since I’m helping in a moving out these days. 🙂 At least I finished to solve some administrative things that took me hours and hours in the last weeks, so it’s one less thorn in the flesh now 😀