Bookmark – July 2022

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Hello readers!

This month Aria spoils us with one of the cutest pair of aquatic rewards! 😀 But if you think that our news stop there, you’re going to be outdone! Because Aria has started to be interested in 3d since some times and she’ll have a lot of new things to show you once she’ll be satisfied :3

On my side, I’ve started to code. It’s related to my future formation and you won’t most likely see much for a long time but we’ll see what insane projects and less insane we’ll be able to show you in the upcoming years 😀

Lastly, some shipping of rewards are coming soon: be it today or on Monday based on the remaining things I’ll have to do today ^^ And I’ll soon be able to update our storenvy shop (remaining prints stocks) and also finish some delays around some tipeee contents now that the redbubble shop is up to date and now that I’ve finished most of my procedures. 🙂