Bookmark – June 2022

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Hello readers!

End of the month is already here, and as always too fast to our taste! Especially since we did many things recently!
First, you might guess that we ordered some monthly prints! It takes a bit longer than before to be shipped, which is one of the reason to explain why delayed were accumulated again.

Aria also prepared some months of watercolours, but we still have a lot to do. We also add some things to work on the website, like some bugs and slight upgrades which you may not be able to detect. (For example the possibility to donate without having a new tab opening for those who prefer ^^)

But more importantly, it’s been around one year that both of us are thinking about some possibilities of professional reorientation, simply to be able to live because our creations aren’t earning us enough right now! Of course we’re not giving up at all on Laynaria, given that both the formations we’re thinking of will be linked to the web, which will give us the opportunity to upgrade Laynaria at the same time and to test a lot of new things 😀 (And we have some ideas about that)

This summer will most likely be busy for us, between Laynaria and our process but you’ll see a lot of things like our shops being updated like we wanted. As always we’ll let you stay tuned and we’ll supply the website like always or even more depending of the weeks :3

On that note, see you soon!