Bookmark – January 2022

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Hello readers!

Tonight we’re sharing you our little bookmark of this month! Our dear sorcerer’s apprentice seem to have found something interesting in all his papers :3 Maybe one day Aria will let us discover the full extent of his new magic 😀

Besides that, Aria is training to upgrade her illustrations and she cannot wait to show you all those new illustrations in the next weeks 😀
On my side, it’s been a while that I’m working on the new version of Dé-Cadence, during a long time I had in mind to do some sort of old RPG dialog box.

However, on one hand when doing some tests on the website, I kinda didn’t like it as much as I thought. And on the other I found out that I was going to tangle myself up in a format which would have taken me many more hours for each release of Dé-Cadence! After some more testing, I finally found a compromise which was to my liking!

And so here is a first spoiler of this new version:

As you can see, I didn’t totally abandoned the idea of using pixel art to embellish this scenario 🙂
What I’m planning: the header and the dices (with the results of course) like what you can see on the previous picture. But there will also be a little “illustration” made in pixel art for every episode.

On that note, we’ll see you soon with those little changes 😉