Aria: Hello! It’s with great pride that I want you to meet this little elf, brave and radiant, watching for an opportunity to strike down her opponent! \o/ Also, for once I didn’t coloured the line, mister Laynou wanted me to keep an aspect more comic like >w<

Layne: I took some days of rest last week (for article releases), after the recent funeral of my grandpa and all the work I carried to fix the website errors + upgrade some aspects of it. ^^ At the same time, we upgraded some settings of my drawing tablet. In consequence I will be able to help Aria more with architectures research for Ré-Incarnat°. And I also started to stream Ré-Inc coloration! Maybe in some months you will even see me draw since I’m restarting to do it slowly for now (so that we can finish some remaining tasks like translations and also be more at ease/with a decent “level” for those streams to have an interest ^^) By the way, you’ll be able to see me stream tonight on twitch starting 19/20h! (fr time) :3