Bookmark – December 2020

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Heya readers!

While waiting 17h30-18h for our Ré-Incarnat° stream, we first share you the bookmark of the month! This month, we’re really happy to have done this little duo of rewards to show our pride around Ré-Incarnat° even if for multiple reasons this comic couldn’t progress how we wanted. Now that we want to make it more beautiful than ever, we also know that we’ll have to take our time. And that’s why we think about streaming every week at least once or twice some Ré-Incarnat° working, to let you see how are evolving the boards that we restarted from scratch. 🙂

Also, since Layne had some back/shoulder issues, we try to rest a bit these days to be sure to be able to work harder as soon as possible. 🙂 But that doesn’t prevent us to work on the Strips translations, nor on the rewards articles from April to October which are still not on the website. ^^ We’ll also share one or two of them tomorrow. 🙂

On that note, see you later for our Ré-Incarnat° stream on twitch!