Bear And Rabbits

Aria: Hello everyone! This illustration made me go through the mill undoubtedly… Those who watched the stream on Friday will see how much it changed… In the evening after the stream, I remembered that I wanted to do a sort of canvas/painting imitation, so I had to totally change the coloration technique, shades ones also, and above else… THE LANDSCAPE! T_T Aaaah landscapes… What a pain (for me at least), and that’s why I’m happy to be so free in my illustrations compositions u.u Anyway, I realized with this drawing that I’m still resting too much inside my comfort zone, and that just simply trying something else is really disturbing and sometimes depressing… That’s why this illustration is released later -in the week like it happened sometimes-, but I still hope you will like it. ^^

Layne: Well, personally I like it.

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