Two new shops!

Heya readers!

Today, it’s a big news that we’re here to announce: we’re opening two new shops alongside to our tipeee page.
Why those shops? Well it’s pretty simple.

First, let’s start with our first shop: Storenvy

This first shop is kinda an “extension” of our tipeee page. It will be there to order old Ex-Libris and Bookmarks that we proposed on Tipeee, but in limited stocks. Prices are the same more or less the same than Tipeee (except for the firsts Ex-Libris and Bookmarks which we think quality wasn’t that good :3).

It means that we remove the “order old rewards” from our tipeee page, since it will now be in this new shop. ^^ Though, if you still want to receive the one of the current month (and above all before others) it will still be on Tipeee. (To note : rewards with effects will cost less on Tipeee. ^^)

Here is how this shop looks like, if you’re lazy to click for now:

As you can see, we classified all well for you to find easily Illustrations you would have missed! :3
I think that’s all we can say for storenvy, and that’s already a lot! We hope that you will appreciate this Tipeee alternative (and that it will make things easier to grasp)! ^^

So let’s continue on the second one: I appointed Redbubble!

This second shop was born from our will to offer you more.
Since a long time, a good number of people asked us if we were selling weekly illustrations in one way or another. And also if we would sell some art canvas or other things.

Our Tipeee earnings being insufficient at the moment to open a shop ourselves etc, we put that aside since a long time. But on a fine August day, while doing some research to propose more, we came across Redbubble, and the concept was exactly what we needed to open a shop without multiplying our workload, and without any excessive cost to start also!

So, what will you be able to buy on Redbubble? Well simply a lot of things:

– Goodies. (Cups, Badges, Stickers, Bags, Notebooks, Phone Cases,…)
– Clothes. (T-shirts, Hoodies, Socks, Kitchen Aprons,…)
– Decorative Objects. (Cushions covers, Clocks, Acrylics Blocks, “Rigid” Prints,…)
– Metal Art Canvas/Painting.

For now, you can already find 51 of our Weekly Illustrations as visuals on multiple goods.
Each illustration can be ordered on around 30 products, in order to let you have a maximum of possible choices. 🙂

Of course, every new Weekly Illustration, that we feel would fit well those goods, will be added as a new design. ^^
For some products, we’ll even put as possibilities some Monthly Illustrations that we think are too cool to not be on Redbubble.

We will also do some additional sympathetic design, around some of our strips themes like “Katman”, “Street Layner” or even “Le Fourchelayne” (“The ParselLayne”)! ^^

And if only, you want us to add some of our illustrations as additional designs on Redbubble, feel free to tell us be it on social networks, discord or even with our contacts form. 🙂

Lastly, here are some examples of designs and products that you can already find in our shop! :3


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