Ré-Incarnat° #20









Aria: It’s with relief that this half-chapter of Ré-Incarnat° is released! I still dislike some small details, but well, it will be better on the next half-chapter. é_é

Layne: Two years, two long years that we lived with a burden. But given the graphical upgrade that we could work on those two years. That was worth it!

As you can see, now a part of the chapter comes without colours on the website. That’s simply to allow two things:
– Release chapters faster on the website.
– Stream the colouring of those pages.

We don’t know yet if that second point will be possible soon, since we don’t have the fiber yet. But we will try what we can do by testing all that. ^^
On the next days, get ready for a big week of “monthly illustration, bookmark and tipeee’s rewards”! Have a nice evening everyone. :3

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