Aria: Hello my little croquettes! In this month of September I had to do a slightly different illustration than what I normally do -around the expression and idea particularly- (colours are reeeally similar but it’s not Miki!).
This illustration is a tribute to one of the cats that marked me the most in this short life, thanks to her softness and courage, a lovely cat which was rolling on the floor to ask for belly tickling whenever she could. But after 17 years, her heart became too big and couldn’t pump enough blood anymore, and so she had to be euthanized two years ago… At least she didn’t suffer more. ^^

On a less sad note, you will think “clouds again?!”, but what do you want, I love clouds, sky is such an unattainable space that makes you forget all my worries, and also let you momentarily escape reality…

Layne: This week finally announce the return of our content! Yes everyone, we are back at home. And even if we’re buried under boxes, we will still find a way to brighten up your week. 😀