Aria: Ugh… it’s been a long time that we didn’t post an illustration, I’m very sorry about that ;A; Once we’re back in our home, we will start back with our normal rhythm!
And today it’s… A MAN?! Yes! I also chose to vary a bit more my drawings, be it the genre or style, I’m pretty sure it will give some (pleasant I hope) surprises now. 🙂

Layne: I finally succeeded on having Aria to draw a man today! Applause me! C’mon! Well not that much, though. On a more serious note, it’s been a long time that I’m waiting for her to try drawing a man for real. At first it was just a little sketch that she pushed a bit more, until it was at an acceptable level for an illustration. So we share it to supply your habitual content a bit. :p In one week around, things should be back to normal and we can’t wait to start back working. (Above all on Ré-Incarnat°) We hope you’re all impatient also. 🙂