Aria: Heeeey people! \o/ Here comes a simple colo and brush test, it’s also again a new OC. I hope that one day I’ll be able to develop them more… Anyway here comes a little newcomer with blue hair! I hope you will like her at least a big. 😀

Layne: This week we’re starting tests with our new version of drawing software, with also some other little changes we’re doing to try to improve the quality of our work. Changes which will for example improve the details in our comics boards. We also are working on some things that were put aside and on the new schedule we want to put in place. We also try to rest a little, since for example I was sick this week-end. :p

It’s kind of sad to think that, even with all we’re preparing, readers and donators are most likely a little disappointed with the reduction of content needed to come up with works of better quality. ^^ And maybe then, we’ll be able to come back in full strength with a shower of high quality content, like last year.