Aria: At first, I wasn’t pleased by it at all… The sketch was really good but I set the “reproduction” bar too high. Hopefully after some change, it’s finally acceptable! \o/ I think that will show that famous sketch one day, but when? I have no idea. ;w;

Layne: Aaaah! A cute little Momo, it’s been a while! :3 We nearly caught up with the general delay of the past months! Also, Dé-Cadence and Ré-Incarnat°’s returns progress slowly but surely! Talking about that, they will both become monthly contents once they will be back. We think it will be more interesting that way, knowing we already have weekly contents around that. There will be more boards to read at once, and no need to come back every week just for a tiny bit of that content. ^^

Monthly illustration also progress well, once it’s done we’ll follow up with the Bookmark. Anyway, everything should be better in April at least. ^^