The ParselLayne

Aria: The ParselLayne adventures promises to be hil-hair-rious!

Layne: Heya readers! Today, like every week, a Strip which we thoroughly enjoyed to create!

We also wanted to tell you that we totally updated our Tipeee page, we will most likely remove some of the texts in the next weeks to add more pictures, but that’s just a small/mere detail.

We reworked the “little” rewards a lot. They needed a little sprucing up for two major reasons: give more benefits to tippers and also take into account a particular project which is progressing pretty well! :3

Also, we’re at 49% of our first objective and we already have a first order for our Monthly Print! Anyway, to summarize: everything is progressing, and do not hesitate to give us some feedback on the overall! :3


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