Dispersed Productivity

Layne: Here comes our last strip from our vacations anecdotes! Starting next week, we’ll enter a new “arc” of Laynaria’s adventures. :p

Other than that, we changed multiple things around our tipeee’s page.  What we did roughly:

  • Make the monthly lottery more interesting.
  • We changed multiple things around the monthly strip. (Price of the print, objective value, etc.)
  • We removed the objective of monthly print, so we’ll print it even if only one donator wants it.
  • All donators will have access to the HD version of monthly print and monthly strip. (Readers will only be able to see a miniature of them)
  • We also added multiple pictures to illustrate all of that, and to show what all the different rewards looks like.

Tipeee’s Link

Additional note: for this strip, we wanted to up a little quality of the picture for readers. (Not totally since HD version is a tipeee reward) If we like it that way, we’ll continue to do it like that from now on.


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